Thursday, July 22, 2010

RAWAN on google

i have already open the google to find some article i need..while googling, i found one of attractive site where the article is about the name of the site's owner with many kinds of view which she found on google. from the article, i also try to find the unique view of my name from google.
I start to type my name on google, and the result are:
so scare when everybody find this picture and they will be more careful cause this is as warning sign for some danger/dificult area...

hahaha...the other scream situation using my name. .
how about this one..

pict.3 it is the baby's name which design as a beautiful picture where add a flower in the left side of it's name...actually when i search on google for my nam, rawan is using as girl's name in some country like turkey, mesir, and others arabic country. the one girl using my name is.....

pict.4: RAWAN MARSHOUD, Dubai Beautiful Girl..

Pict.5: Rawan Al Meresh, Lecture of University on Jordania...
it looks like Rawan name is used for beautiful girl :)
actually i interesting to find the meaning of my name in others language.
may be some day i'll try to find it.

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